Corrupt President Hassan Sheikh meeting with Uhuru Kenyatta to kill more Somalis-lifting ban drug Miraa

Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud is in a closed meeting with Uhuru Kenyatta and the Minister of Defense Wamalwa discussing about war on terror and withdrawal of Somali special forces SNA forces from Gedo region. Minister of Agriculture of Peter Munya and Roble Bahaane are negotiating about lifting the ban on Miraa.

Somalia closed access to its market for Kenya in 2020 following a political fallout. The ban led to a loss of more than 50 tonnes of Kenyan khat valued at more than Sh20 million a day.

According to sources Kenyan officials told Somali Times, the Kenyan government may freeze president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud assets which he has more $50 million dollar property. Our sources add one of Hassan Sheikh wife living in Karen state, Karen is a suburb of Nairobi in Kenya, lying south-west of Nairobi central business district property worth $8 millon dollars.

Miraa-Khat is a drug scientifically known as Catha Edulis and contains chemicals that stimulate blood circulation causing blood pressure. It also inhibits digestive enzymes and stops appetite. It creates hallucination, fantasy and uninterrupted talks. Together with all those harmful effects, it also causes family mental health problems.

Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and his whole family stole more than $500 million in public funds. The time he was in office for 5 years 2012-2017 he never paid civil servants, army forces, police and the whole ministry their wages.

Mr Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud was a teacher before he became the Somalia president and now he is a multimillionaire, owning properties in Turkey, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius and around the world, according to Somali officials told Somali Times.

Somalia is most corrupted country in the world ranking number one.