Governor Said Deni with Ahmed Madobe, a political plan the election

Photo/Somali Times

The governor of the Jubaland State of Somalia, Ahmed Madobe has today arrived in Garowe, According to sources told Somali Times, Ahmed Madobe’s trip came after governor Said Deni asked them to meet, to focus on Deni’s ambitions for the presidency of Somalia.

The sources added that Deni’s plan is to help his counterpart Ahmed Madobe to indirectly control and control the lawmakers leaving Jubaland, as they are political allies.

They will also discuss the start of the Parliamentary elections, which have already begun in the country, and are important for the upcoming presidential election, which is widely contested and part of the administrations.

Governor Deni and Ahmed Madobe are close political allies and have strengthened their alliances since the election debate began.

According to Somali Times, Said Abdullahi Deni’s presidential candidacy is all he needs to announce, as his recent political actions show.

Deni’s candidacy will make a big difference in Somalia’s presidential election campaign, and will have consequences for many candidates.

He will be the sole candidate to directly and indirectly administer the election of more than 100 members of the Upper House and the House of the People.

No candidate for the presidency has such a direct impact on the parliamentary election process, and it is the only thing that creates hope for the president of the Said Deni dream.