Mogadishu Mayor said that it is not possible to accept a payroll employee who didn’t go to work

Mogadishu Mayor of Banadir region Eng Abdirahman Omar Osman opened today’s conference a modern system registering staff in Banadir region and said that it would not be possible to accept a payroll employee who didn’t go to work and started to have an account to check the structure of the administrative departments.

Governor of Benadir Region noted that five (5) months of research have been identified by a salary worker who has been working without permission and the modern system will eliminate the lack of accountability and duties, which is a major part taking a transparent process to identify job seekers and payers.

“There will not be any future employees who will receive paid or unpaid workers, and this scheme will help us to determine the proper staff and their payroll employees, it is unacceptable that the budget of the Banadir region is 70% “We have been working hard to ensure that we have the right to work and we are going to get it back,” said Eng. Osman

The mayor of Mogadishu spoke to the director of the department for their employees to be accountable, in order to provide adequate staff and ensure their quality of work, saying: “Everyone must come up with his real responsibilities and think about the development of the capital as his role. would take it. If we managed to pay salaries for the office were not, everyone should know that the following accounts, and require more work.

Implementing the new system of recruitment for Banadir Regional Authority in a modern way, plays an important role in the quality of staff and their determination, with this system removing any of its responsibilities.
Finally, the meeting was attended by Deputy Governor and Finance Minister Hussein Mohamed Nur, Benadir Regional Governors and some of the local government officials.