Somalis are using a different route to reach Kenya

Photo: Credit Wikipedia Ethiopian Airlines.

Travellers between Somalia and Kenya has been disrupted since the Kenyan government imposed a ban on flights between the two countries. Kenya’s decision to suspend flights has cut into a lot of people in Mogadishu and wide, and people to travel with, but it came days after a new route.

Somali Times investigated some of the people stranded in Mogadishu on their way to Nairobi have left for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Several travellers departing to Kenya told Somali Times that after being stuck in Mogadishu for some time and having to go to Nairobi, they decided to fly out of Addis Ababa.

“We have been stuck for days due to Kenya’s decision to leave Mogadishu. The airline has suggested that I leave Addis Ababa. It is really more expensive than this when we used to leave Mogadishu directly,” Somali travellers said.

The move appears to see some people crossing the Kenyan embargo, with a new aviation market in Nairobi, opening for the Addis Ababa airport, as the country’s airlines are currently advising Ethiopians to cross into Kenya. The decision to suspend flights to Kenya from traveling to the two countries came after the federal government maintained the ban on khat Mira, a diplomatic resolution of the dispute between the two countries.