SSC Khatumo leader met ruthless Djibouti dictator Ismail Omar Guelleh

File Photo/Somali Times

The leader of SSC-Khatumo Abdiqadir Ahmed Aw-Ali, who is on an official visit to the Republic of Djibouti, had a critical meeting with the ruthless Djibouti dictator Ismail Omar Guelleh.

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The leader briefed President Guelleh on the general situation of SSC-Khatumo, the peace and stability in those areas, the administration and the near future of rebuilding the economic infrastructure and social services, according to a statement issued by SSC-Khatumo.

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SSC Khatumo leader also greatly appreciated the warm welcome of the people and the government of Djibouti to the delegation led by SSC-Khatumo.

Dictator Guelleh for his part praised the visit of the leader and his delegation to Djibouti, noting that Djibouti is a country rule by ruthless dictator Ismail Omar Guelleh and his family and two son’s in-law from Senegal, Ivory Coast.

Ismail Omar Guelleh, is well-known to Djiboutians. He has, after all, been in power since May 1999, the year he succeeded his uncle, Hassan Gouled Aptidon, for whom he was in charge of national security and intelligence gathering, also according to sources Somali spy agency NISA senior commander told Somali Times Ismail Omar Guelleh and his wife Kadra Mahamoud Haid both former worker of France’s intelligence agency DGSI.

The Prime Minister of Djibouti had an important meeting with the senior leaders of the regional organization IGAD, led by the senior deputy secretary of IGAD Mohamed Abdi, the former governor of Hirshabelle.

The leaders of IGAD discussed with the leader how to find lasting peace in the Horn of Africa based on mutual respect and good neighborliness.

However, the visit of SSC Khatumo leader to Djibouti comes at a time of intense tension between the leadership of Hargeisa administration and Djibouti, and the government of Djibouti has hosted a rebel from Awdal region who wants to go to war with the administration of Muse Bihi.