11-year-old British-Ghanaian author who has published 4 books fulfills promise of building e-library for school in Ghana

Sarah Afua Kittoe/Photo credit: Sarah Afua Kittoe via TikTok

By Face2Face Africa

Sarah Afua Kittoe, an 11-year-old British-Ghanaian author, has fulfilled a promise made months ago to build a library for a school in the West African nation of Ghana. She has completed a full e-library and computer lab for the school, with plans underway to finalize a physical book library.

Sarah made this commitment at the age of ten during her inaugural visit to Ghana, which included visits to various media outlets and her father’s alma mater, Saint Paul’s Methodist Preparatory School in Tema, where she pledged her support to the school, according to Tech Focus 24.

At just nine years old, Sarah had already authored and published three books, including “The Friendship Club”, “Lindsey and the Blue Fox”, and “Sarah Kittoe’s Colouring Book” for toddlers.

Now, she has completed and published her fourth book, “Ama and the Lost Key”, which features a Ghanaian theme. The book launch is scheduled for Saturday, April 6, 2024, at Croydon Library in London. Sarah’s philanthropic spirit shines through, as she consistently donates all proceeds from her book sales to charity.

In London, her donations support Centrepoint, a charity chaired by Prince William, and the Wednesday Club at West Croydon Methodist Church, dedicated to aiding homeless individuals in Croydon.

Her compassionate nature didn’t astonish her parents, Albert and Nozipho Kittoe, when she decided to extend her generosity to the Ghanaian children at Saint Paul’s Methodist Preparatory School in Tema. After witnessing the poor condition of the school library during her visit, Sarah was determined to make a difference.

She promptly donated copies of her books to the school and embarked on fulfilling her promise to create a modern library. She completed the e-library project in just six months.

Sarah has equipped the school with 20 new HP Desktop Computers preinstalled with Jemdroid Learning Apps, offering a wide range of educational materials from kindergarten to tertiary levels. She also provided new desks and chairs for the library and has shipped 13 large boxes of books to Ghana, laying the groundwork for the physical library project.

Back in London, she initiated a successful fundraiser, garnering donations of books and funds from generous individuals and institutions to support her cause. With the release of her latest book, “Ama and the Lost Key,” Sarah noted that the proceeds from its sales will also be directed towards charitable causes.

Her latest book essentially transports readers beneath Ghana’s dry, orange, dusty sands, where a radiant key lies lost in the shadows. The narrative follows Ama, a spirited young girl driven by love and determination, as she embarks on a quest to unlock the secrets guarded by this enigmatic key.

While the key promises unimaginable wealth and the potential to alter Ama’s life forever, her journey unfolds with valuable lessons on the importance of unity within the golden land.