7 feared dead as Al-Shabaab convict opens fire in Mogadishu prison

7 prison guards in Mogadishu’s Central Jail are feared dead after an inmate allegedly snatched a weapon from the guards and fired indiscriminately. Somali officials said the inmate, alleged to be an Al-Shabaab convicts snatched the gun from the guards and went on a firing spree. It is feared there are ‘several’ casualties as a result of the gunfire. It was not immediately clear if the convict has been contained.

The detainees are believed to be members of al-Shabaab in the central jail. prisoners were involved in the attack on the prison guards. Security forces are still conducting operations in the jail. Residents in Hamar Jajab and Hamar Weyne districts reported hearing gunshots during the clashes inside the Central Prison.