A suicide car bomb has exploded at an army barracks at the 12th Battalion in Mogadishu

Photo/Somali Times

A car bomb has exploded at an army barracks at the 12th Battalion at the back of the Stadium Mogadishu. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Somali military base. There were casualties, deaths and injuries as a result of the blast, and the blast was intense, although the exact number of deaths and injuries has not yet been determined. The bomber struck shortly after noon.

The camp is manned by Somali government forces in parts of the Lower Shabelle region, but the camp is a command post. Ambulances have arrived at the scene and are conducting rescue operations. Police officers near the scene of the blast also closed most of the entrances to the barracks headquarters. A Somali police spokesman told Somali Times the blast was a suicide bombing, but did not say what the casualties were, and said a fact-finding mission was underway.

The construction of the Mogadishu Stadium, which is located between Industrial and Soddonka Roads, is linked to the Sports Sector, the construction of the party headquarters and the disabled camps where the military is based. The two-part camp is home to government troops, particularly the April 12th Battalion, and the 30th Street is home to civilians.