Banadir Regional Administration and Security Agencies discussed key areas of security

Mogadishu- Somali Times Banadir Security Committee held a meeting with Somali Federal Security Minister, Benadir Governor of Benadir Regional Administration and Finance Banadir region, federal and regional commanders of the Police and Security Committees discussed the general security conditions in the capital, particularly the terror attack targeting the Ministry of Security.

The committee listened to the Security Council’s handling of investigations into the issue of the explosion and expressed its commitment to demonstrating the security precedent and the accountability of all stakeholders responsible for prevention. Al-Shabaab terrorists attack Banadir region
The State Security Committee praised the Banadir community for its role in reducing and preventing terror attacks in the area of the Al-Shabaab terrorists.

Deputy Chief of Administrative and Administrative Affairs Mr Hussein Mohamed Noor, the security officers said. “You have to accelerate the plans you are waiting for to capture the capital, as we fight with the public, to overcome terror every time harming our lives and resources, and that requires more effort and responsibility.”
Meanwhile, the State Security Committee said the plan to liberate the country from Al-Shabaab’s operations in the Somali Federal Government will play a major role in the Banadir region, as the end of terrorism is particularly important for regional development and trade.

Finally, all members of the Benadir Regional Security Committee have emphasized that the Federal and State security agencies have taken concrete steps to stabilize the security of the capital in the past months, and should double their efforts today and night security and public security.