Bias, nepotism, corruption and tribalism are what afflicts the government of Somalia

File Photo Somali Times/Somalia president and his daughter

The current shady president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud who is notoriously known to make lengthy speeches, is extremely controversial. What he says and does is incomparable. His behavior is typically illusory and lacks humility displaying the character of knowing everything is a sign of a dictatorship employing his family, wife, daughter, sons, brothers, nephews, nieces, employing one’s own kids and close relatives and encouraged government officials to do the same.

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This statement has effectively made nepotism legal as a means of serving the country. President Hassan appointed to his little daughter Jihan Hassan Sheikh and other members of his family who hold various positions in the current government.

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In general, when you look at the issue that President Hassan Sheikh is being accused of, it is not different from the behavior of other Somali leaders who ran between his house and the government. There are Heads who used to rule, or ruled the administration of the Regional Governments of the country and you see that their children and their relatives are involved in the government, and some of them are more powerful than the ministers and other officials without holding any position.

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There are some authorities that if a person or a group of citizens want to do big business and investment or local and international organizations want to implement development projects in the country, they must go through the children of the presidents and have a share. They don’t allow this investment or they bribe those children to do something, that is a perverse behavior that is preventing a lot of things that would benefit the people and the country.

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Tragedy when the son of one of those leaders was caught at Dubai Airport with a bag containing millions of money. It is also not hidden from anyone the investments made by some of these children in Kenya or Turkey which seem to have become the two places to invest in national or public theft of the Somali nation.

Therefore, President Hassan, if one of the participants in the “Townhall” meeting asked a question about his daughter’s name, it is not that he is being targeted, but because he has a duty to the nation, President Hassan should agrees that society has the right to ask such questions.

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President Hassan is not the first time, and it will not be the last time that such questions are asked, because the people of the Somali nation, every decree that the President appoints to a position, people read it, every trip he goes on, and the people who accompany him. I mean, the executors of Villa Somalia and the people working in the President’s office are known to all. Therefore, President Hassan must realize that the people’s feelings about these issues are real and the community has the right to do so. and his behavior should be consistent with his speeches and sweet words, so that he can earn the trust of the Somali people.

It seems that the question that was asked to President Hassan touched a bad place which you can taste from the answer he gave. The President tried to persuade and give a good explanation, but he carried his anger of self-defense, which led him to fall into the mud when he was in the opposition, he used to slaughter the officials in office, which I mean that his Minister and his work – The other leaders who encouraged the government to nominate their relatives for the positions, they are not afraid of anyone and do not care about them. That statement was not expected from a president, “heat of the moment”, or a statement from the right.

President Hassan, who has been in office for a short period of time, seems to have made a lot of trips that cost a lot of money. All those trips seem to be accompanied by relatives and close relatives, and some of the meetings he attends are sensitive and government secrets. and consultations about fate, in those meetings where the proper government behavior is to take the Minister or the concerned official to each meeting, so that the meeting is fruitful, one that the government is scientifically and informed about their needs and can present their views, and that the meetings will be of interest to the country and the people.

When the heads of the world see the list of people accompanying the President, it is possible that secrets and many sensitive issues that should be discussed are not shared because the government officials who are concerned with these issues are not the people accompanying the President on the trip, thus opportunities for the country and the people There are benefits to be had.