Britain hosts a meeting to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Somalia

Birmingham- An international conference on the promotion of security in Somalia and the establishment of international support has opened today in London, UK.

The aim of the conference is to help governments and international donors provide the best ways to prevent the humanitarian situation in Somalia and to curb global awareness of Somalia and are expected to meet the economic commitments & address the situation in Somalia.

The conference is attended by heads of government, British Prime Minister Theresa May, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, some of the leaders of neighboring countries, and representatives of other countries and international organizations.
The conference is said to be part of the efforts of the United Nations to address the humanitarian situation in the world, especially in Somalia, and is expected to raise $ 1.5 billion in aid donations during the year. More than 5.4 million Somalis, including 900 people need immediate assistance.
Meanwhile, UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutteres, who addressed the conference, called for 900 million dollars to help Somalia.