China aid people affected flood, 1.5 Million U.S Dollar to Somalia

Mogadishu- Somali Times Chinese Ambassador to Somalia,  Mr. Qin Jian has today on Monday handed over 1.5 Million U.S Dollar in Cash to Somali Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ahmed Isse Awad to help people affected by floods after handing over ceremony held at the Ministry in Mogadishu,
Mr.Ahmed Awad , The Minister thanked People’s Republic of China for prodinging such assistance which arrived at the right time and quickly, saying it is quick response to the demands of Somali President and Prime Minister about the disaster of floods.

” We thank Chinese Government and People for giving us this aid, we also thank Chinese Ambassador to Somalia for his active role for spearheading in expanding the area of cooperation between the two nations, China and Somalia share long historic relations, it is deeper and bigger one that is growing fast to another level”, Mr. Ahmed Awad said.
Chinese Ambassador to Somalia, Qin Jian said that his government decided to provide 1.5 Million U.S Dollar in Cash to the Somalia Government and People for humanitarian assistance to the Somali people affected by the floods.
” In this January China provided 6 Million U.S Dollar with 72 containers of goods such tents, mosquito nets, water tanks have handed over to the Somalia Government. In this June other 1 Million U.S Dollar of Police Uniform will arrive in Somalia from China. this demonstrates the deep friendship of the Chinese People to the Somali people and our brotherhood at trying moment”, Mr. Jian said.
The Ambassador hoped that these assistance will help the Somali people to overcome the difficulties and rebuild their homes.
This assistance from China arrived quickly as the humanitarian situation of people affected by floods in Bledweyne town in Hiiraan region is worsening day after day because over 90 percent of the population in that town fled from their homes.