Corrupted Awad, who is the Somali Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, appoints more embassy posts to one community

Photo/Somali Times

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia, Ahmed Isse Awad has made a series of appointments at a time when his government has been discredited, pending the formation of a new one. Minister Awad has appointed eight members, including first, second and second secretaries, as well as ambassadors to various countries.

Somali Times received reports that the appointment was made after the fall of the government led by Prime Minister Ali Khaire, but the letter’s appointments false date 14 and 23 July 2020, in order to make government was made, according to the said members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The nominees are also mostly from the one community and it is unclear what led to the appointment. The names of the nominated members are:

1-Nasra Mohamed Mohamud: Second Secretary of the Somali Embassy in Canada

2-Farhan Mohamed Diriye: Second IT Secretary at the Somali Embassy, ​​Turkey

3-Ibrahim Hassan Mohamud: First Secretary of the Somali Embassy in Turkey

4-Ahmed Abdi Bille: Promoted to Second Secretary of the Somali Embassy, ​​South Africa

5-Ayan Mohamud Sheikh Hamid: First Secretary of the Somali Embassy, ​​Turkey

6-Ahmed Aidi Osman: First Secretary of the Somali Embassy in Oman

7-Ulimo Abdirahman Maalim: Advisor to the Ambassador of Somalia to Italy

8-Ibrahim Bashir Sharif: First Counselor at the Somali Embassy.