Crook Omar Abdirashid should talk about maritime disputes with a Kenya and Somalia case.

Crook Omar Abdirashid who put Somalia’s situation maritime disputes against Kenya, he never talked about what he had done the time he was the Somalia Prime Minister stealing millions of aided dollars to Somalia people who were in need.

Corrupted Former Somali Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke said in an interview with outlet media that the absence of the yet-to-be-appointed prime minister was detrimental to the implementation of the agreements.

Corrupted Omar Abdirashid said President Farmajo had lost the most important opportunity to deliver a one-person, one-vote election in this country. He called on President Farmajo not to violate the system of the government and power-sharing and to immediately appoint a Prime Minister to take part in the ongoing political process in Mogadishu.

“The absence of the prime minister is detrimental to the government of Somalia. The president’s intention is to impose on the prime minister things he does not have advice and examples, and when he fails, he will be held accountable.” On the other hand, Omar Abdirashid criticized the regional governments for their role in the current political situation in the country, pointing out that the government should have been held accountable in the current issues.

Omar Abdirashid’s statement comes as talks are underway in Mogadishu between President Farmajo, the Benadir governor and regional governments to finalize the election.