Deni appoints Aran Jaan leader Abdirahman Farole for the currency evaluation committee

Photo/Somali Times/Said Deni and evil Aran Jaan leader Abdirahman Farole

Former Puntland President and Aran Jaan leader Abdirahman Farole has been appointed chairman of a committee to assess and advise on the devaluation and rejection of the Somali shilling. His appointment came after a meeting today speaking to resolve complaints of the currency. The Puntland president had a meeting with invited experts in economics.

The Commission has to sit for three evenings to bring a solution to overcome the problem frequency of the use of Somali shillings, after authorities failed to bring change to decisions already made.

Puntland stop taking Somali currency traders have rejected the Somali shilling exchange, which has recently been the subject of much public outcry. Shops, restaurants and all businesses are denominated in Somali shillings, and basic food and services are sold in US dollars.

Garowe markets and other towns is dire, with residents saying it has had a devastating effect on the poor, who cannot afford to buy in dollars, especially those who work in Somali shillings.

Aran Jaan’s second commander Finance Minister Hassan Shire Hassan said authorities summoned the finance ministers of state, who wants to join the process as they can overcome this obstacle during his own time.