“Devil Group Aran Jaan leader Farole senator again

Photo/Somali Times

The Aran Jaan Group is a group that looks only at personal interests, uses public fund loot to bribe them, and uses tribal farming to divide people and create wealth. It has no interest in the development of Puntland. Anyone who observes the horrific acts of this group turns out to be a serious threat to the sovereignty of Puntland and of Somalia in general.

This group played a key role in the election of the Puntland Governor, Said Abdullahi Deni, with the promise that if successful, he would be behind them in his government. As a result, the two men who lead this group are: Founder of Aran Jaan Devil Group base in Garowe; Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud Farole and Hassan Shire Abgal.

“Devil Group Aran Jaan leader Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud Farole won the first seat in Puntland’s Senate.

In Garowe, 11 senators from Puntland are currently being elected, and the administration’s House of Representatives has elected Puntland’s first member of the Upper House. Farole will be the first senator from Puntland to run against the defeated candidate Mohamed Osman Olad.

According to the uneducated speaker of the Puntland House of Representatives, Farole received 54 votes, while the defeated candidate Olaad received 11 votes, thus winning Senator Farole’s re-election to the Upper House for the next four years.

Abdirahman Farole is the former Governor of Puntland, and is an influential politician in Puntland and in Somalia as a whole, and his victory has been well-known and predictable, since Said Deni sent him to the list of candidates.

The second seat was also contested by Kowsar Abdullahi Hirsi and Mohamed Ali Yusuf, but Kowsar announced before the vote that she had resigned from former Puntland Vice Governor Gagaab.