Dictator Farmajo is expected to ask lawmakers for a two year extension.

Photo/Somali Times

We wish Farmajo to swallow his extension plan and look at the future of Somalia. He appears to be a dictator that never gives up power. It is very sad. Somali President Mohamed Farmajo is expected to ask lawmakers for a two-year extension.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is expected to address parliament tomorrow. The members of the House of the People will tomorrow be at their temporary headquarters in Villa Hargeisa with the agenda to do a report by the President to the members. Tomorrow is the scheduled time for the third phase of the Dhusamareb conference, and it is the only forum that everyone is watching as the country is at a critical juncture and there is still no consensus on the type of elections to be held.

Somalia’s friends in the international community are proud to convene a meeting of the Heads of the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Member States in Dhusamareb on August 15, as planned, with the participation of all leaders. It is necessary to maintain confidence in the newly created between leaders and continue the process of dialogue that began during the building of the Congress in which was the first to resign in order to maintain a stable political road.

Failure of any of the leaders to attend the next conference will erode the fragile trust, undermine the understanding-building process, and reduce the ability of the summit to reach effective decisions. With just three months to go until the November 2020 federal elections, and with only four months to go before the end of the term of the 10th Federal Parliament, Somali stakeholders need to move quickly so they agree on what to do to move forward, and in particular the electoral process, without further delay.