Ethiopian troops begin withdrawing from Gedo.

Ethiopian troops have begun withdrawing from the Gedo region, as credible sources and witnesses told Somali Times.

Members of the Gedo officials who asked not to be named, told Somali Times that in the past two days some Ethiopian troops who are not part of Amisom have left the region.

Some residents also confirmed to Somali Times that they saw the troops crossing the Gedo region’s border with Ethiopia. It is not yet clear why Ethiopian troops are withdrawing from the Gedo region. It is also unclear how many troops have left and what remains in the region and in Somalia as a whole that is not part of Amisom.

However, the withdrawal comes as Ethiopia is embroiled in a conflict between the government led by Abiy Ahmed and the Tigray region.

Abiy Ahmed said on Wednesday that he had ordered the military to respond to an “attack” by the ruling Tigray party on a federal military base. Abiy also said, ‘I have ordered our defense forces to carry out an operation to save the country. Crossed the last red line. The troops will be used as a last resort to save the people and the country,” Abiy said.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front ruled Ethiopia for almost 30 years before Abiy took power in 2018. During Abiy’s rule, Tigray leaders repeatedly complained of being unfairly targeted for corruption, dismissed from high-ranking positions, and blamed for the country’s problems.

Tensions between the two sides escalated earlier this year when the government postponed elections in the country, citing the Coronavirus, which was opposed by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front .