Exclusive: Somalia President Hassan Sheikh intends to sell embassy properties

File Photo Somali Times/Somalia President Hassan Sheikh discussing senior officials to sell embassy properties

Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud wants to sell all the properties of Somali embassies abroad, according to reliable sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Somali Times. Our sources add shady president Hassan Sheikh intends to sell embassies properties assets of Somalia. Embassies for sale are Italy, Belgium, Africa, Asia, the rest of Europe and North and South America.

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Members of the Census, Return, Evaluation and Advisory Committee on the Regulation of National Assets are appointed by the Prime Minister, Mr. Hamza Abdi Barre and the committee intends to sell Somalia embassies property assets around the world.

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Don’t waste your wisdom on the national wealth that has already been counted by the former government of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo. The files that were transferred to President Hassan are safe and there is another mechanism. They are for sale by the auction committee.

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Somalia’s leaders are corrupted and they care less about the future of Somali children and most Somali politicians’ children live abroad in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Turkey. The money they looted has been deposited to foreign countries.

It is not first Hassan Sheikh thieving Somalia assets before he become president for the first time was a teacher and one of his wives used to sell petrol Km4 on the road in Mogadishu. Now Hassan and his family own properties in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Turkey, UAE and the EU. Hassan and his family are now multimillionaires according to sources Somali officials told Somali Times Hassan Sheikh’s net worth is over 500 million US dollars.