Exposure: Former Jubaland Minister Bule said, ‘Ahmed Madobe wanted Jubaland to join Kenya.’

Former Jubaland Minister of Livestock, Forestry and Pasture of Jubaland MP Mohamed Nur Bule said Jubaland’s President Ahmed Madobe had reached a draft agreement with Kenya and Jubaland as part of Kenya.

Mohamed Nur Bule said during his time in Jubaland that President Ahmed Madobe had summoned members of his party, presenting a plan for Jubaland to join Kenya.

“For me, the two vice presidents and two ministers, Ahmed Madobe called us in the morning, and he told us, Men, let’s turn our backs on Somalia and join Kenya. Before he could finish speaking, I got up and said, Ahmed, we are also looking for a way back to the North East region, and you have to go with us to Kenya. It is up to us too,” said the MP.

Mohamed Nur Bule accused Ahmed Madobe of not being held accountable for his administration and that the reason he disagreed with the federal government was in the interests of Kenya.