Faisal Ali Warabe threatened with deporting Hawiye communities in Hargeisa-Burao

Photo/Somali Times

UCID party chairman Faisal Ali Warabe welcomed a recent statement by Somaliland’s deputy interior minister that they would take action against the Hawiye community, which has recently expressed support for candidates running in Somaliland’s elections.

Faisal said foreigners living in Somaliland, who are understood to be part of the Hawiye communities in Somaliland, could not take part in the Somaliland elections and could not vote.

”The security minister is right to say that foreigners are not voting and we support him. Somalilanders say we are referring to families and we say before you are deported, leave the country,” he said.

Somaliland’s Deputy Interior Minister Abdinasir Aided Mohamed, speaking at the recent conference, said the Hawiye communities’ decision that non-Somalilanders could vote in the region. ”Non-Somalilanders will vote, they are talking, and the one who brought them is talking,” said Somaliland’s deputy interior minister. He said that the meeting held in the pursuit and they will take legal action as well.

Minister Abdinasir said that Somaliland has a constitution and that it is unconstitutional for non-Somalilanders, meaning communities, to not participate in elections and voting.

The statement came as elders, intellectuals, traditional leaders and business people of the Hawiye in Burao last week announced their support for Sultan Jama Nuh, who is running for Burao District Council and Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed for the Togdheer Regional House of Representatives.