Farmajo and Fahad Yasin deploys Gorgor troops to Puntland and Galmudug

Photo/Somali Times

Somali officials from the Somali Special Forces in Gorgor told Somali Times that hundreds of troops will be deployed in parts of the Mudug region in the coming days.

The troops and their vehicles are scheduled to be deployed near Goldogob in the Mudug region. The areas where the troops will be deployed are part of Galmudug but are located on the border of Puntland and Galmudug.
Security sources said the purpose of the troops being deployed in Mudug is to put pressure on Puntland, one of the two administrations that oppose the federal government’s orders is too far apart.

The Somali government has not yet commented on the much-talked-about news in recent hours. Galmudug and Puntland have also not yet commented on the matter.

Puntland recently accused the federal government of inciting violence in parts of the administration, inciting the population through paid elders and a younger population through Facebook paid projects.

Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s government and former prime minister Hassan Khaire has been paying bribes through Facebook pages and Facebook who did a live stream and also some outlet media have been paid bribes not to write articles damaging Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s image. These bribes started since Farmajo came to power in February 2017.