Farmajo has over 155 new lawmakers

File Photo/Somali Times

The race for Somalia’s presidency election 2021, particularly the northern regional commission, have exposed President Farmajo’s election strategy, which he is seeking re-election.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo is focusing on gaining control of the northern regions’ parliament, Benadir, HirShabelle, Galmudug, Jubaland, Puntland and the South West.

The total number of MPs Mohamed Farmajo wants to get his hands on is around 155, but they will vote for him once he gets his hands on it, which is another question.

The outgoing president has managed to take over most of the leadership of the electoral commissions that are working on the election of parliamentarians, to make it easier for them to elect a supportive parliament.

The northern parliamentary election commission is represented by Farmajo and Mahdi Guled, who illegally held a leadership election for his wing, while hiding from the wing of Upper House Speaker Abdi Hashi, who also elected another chairman.

Mr Mohamed Farmajo believes that 90% of lawmakers from Somaliland’s election in Mogadishu can cast their ballots, which is why seven of the 11 members of the Northern Electoral Commission are his supporters. Farmajo’s plan is to remove Somaliland’s unreliable politicians and instead produce loyal young people of Somaliland, who are housed in hotels in Mogadishu.

Farmajo wants at least 50 members of both houses of parliament from the Dired community to nominate him. Farmajo also believes that all 16 lawmakers elected in Garbaharey will be loyal to him, as he fought hard for the town.

Mr Mohamed Farmajo has also paid close attention to the Benadir Parliamentary Election Commission, which has come from its side. The plan is for all five Benadir MPs being from the presidency. Most of these lawmakers already support Farmajo and does not need to produce new ones but is working to bring them back.

South West, which is run by the only regional president who is 100% loyal to Farmajo. Southwest will have a majority of 77 members of parliament, and Farmajo’s plan is to ensure that at least 70 of them become his supporters.

Taken together, Mohamed Farmajo is hopeful that at least 155 of the new parliamentarians will be his supporters, but that does not mean that 155 will all vote for him, as we have learned from previous elections, but it is a good start.

Somalia is not a democratic country but instead is ranked No.1 corrupt country. Somali spy chief Fahad Yasin, who works as an informer for the Qatari royal family. That’s where the money is coming from the main sponsor of Farmajo.