Farmajo officially announces his candidacy for the presidency of Somalia

Photo/Somali Times

Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo last night officially announced his candidacy for the presidency of the Federal Government of Somalia.

President Farmajo said he was pleased that the election was held on May 15th, the founding day of the Somali National Movement (SYL).

“Considering the request of the Somali people, I have decided to run again for the presidency of the Federal Republic of Somalia, to continue the fruitful transformation in the country,” Farmajo said.

Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo said Somalia needs a trustworthy person to protect its security and national assets, and called on members of both houses of parliament to vote for him to lead the country again.

Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is favored to win the upcoming elections is due to the overwhelming support of millions of Somalis abroad and at home, including ethnic Somalis living under the neighboring States of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti. This support isn’t based on tribal affiliation or fear but of the President and the ideals he stood for during his first term.

Four more years of Farmajo may raise Somalia to full-fledged nationhood. It will bring the refugees and those of us displaced in the diaspora back to their country to once again participate in rebuilding the nation. Farmajo is the man that will lead Somalia to peace and prosperity, therefore I urge every patriotic citizen to work with and support their President.