Farmajo plans for an extension of two years in office

Photo/Somali Times

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo intended to speak about the elections, and resolve the major obstacles to do with the choice allowed.

Director of Information and Media Relations at the Presidential Palace Abdirashid Mohamed Hashi told Somali Times the conference was open to all invited guests and chaired by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo. He continued, “The president and the prime minister have highlighted the importance of Somalis being united in this election.”

“Leaders discussed efforts at the federal and state levels to implement the electoral process, and to ensure political stability and security in the country.” He said the entire conference was about implementing the agreements reached in Mogadishu on September 17th and accelerating the country’s inclusive elections.

The director told Somali Times President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo plans for an extension of 2 years in office that the issues discussed first included the economy and security issues that are important for the election, and that the leaders would discuss other important issues.

Although he did not elaborate, he said President Farmajo had held consultations with officials in Dhusamareb before the arrival of Ahmed Madobe and Said Deni.

However, the director said President Farmajo was committed to reaching an agreement here, although some in politics did not expect the president to give up his ambitions.