Farmajo says i returned to the country to assist in a solution constitutional issues

The former president of the federal government of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo, returned to Mogadishu today after 16 months. In a brief speech, he said that he went to Mogadishu to participate in efforts to find a solution to amend the country’s constitution.

“Today, I returned to the capital of Mogadishu where we continue our efforts to strengthen the unity and solidarity of our people. At this critical juncture, we must join hands and put aside political differences.” He said Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

Mohamed Abdullahi Famajo elected member of the House of Representatives, has already opposed the government’s move to amend some of the provisions of the constitution.

Reports say that Farmajo will join political activities against the amendment of the constitution.

The former president of the country also said that the purpose of efforts to find a solution to the constitutional crisis is “to reach consensus and protect the unity of Somalia.”

“It is in the interests of all of us to bring together the Somali people and their government. I want to tell you about the future and I will share it with you if God says it,” continued Farmajo.

Farmajo is expected to hold meetings with like-minded politicians in Mogadishu in the coming days, first of all former president of the country Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and other politicians who oppose the amendment of the constitution and other aspects of politics.