Farmajo seems to be sticking to the point and has more chances to be re-elected since having three states

File Photo/Somali Times

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has finally responded to pressure from the fight against the extension in Mogadishu, saying he is withdrawing the extension and is ready for the September 17 2020 agreement.

Farmajo made the decision after the Galmudug and HirShabelle regional administrations withdrew from his side, accompanied by Prime Minister Roble. He also faces fears of sanctions threatened by the United States. President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo said last night that he would address parliament on Saturday, another move to persuade the Lower House to suspend the extension parliament vote on April 12. 2021.

Farmajo reiterated that the September 17 2020 agreement would be an unconditional return. It should be noted, however, that there was no problem with the September 17 2020 agreement, and that the dispute was between the regional administrations, which had to open the agreement, and Farmajo, who insisted on accepting it, because many things had changed since then.

Opposition presidental canadiates are a failure and have failed before. Most of them are corrupted and has stolen public funds. Since President Mohamed Farmajo took office in February 2017 he has done a lot for Somalia. He has paid army forces and civil servants their wages compared to the previous president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud which himself and his entire family stole more than 500 million dollars according to Somali officials which told Somali Times.