Fatal Floods Claim 60 Lives in Tanzania

The coastal region of the country is one of the worst affected, authorities say. File Photo

By The African Exponent

Tanzania is grappling with severe floods that have claimed the lives of nearly 60 people since the beginning of April, according to a government statement released this past Sunday. The coastal regions of the East African nation have borne the brunt of this natural disaster, with extensive damage inflicted on thousands of agricultural lands.

Government spokesperson Mobhare Matinyi detailed the catastrophic impact, particularly highlighting the coast region where 11 fatalities have been recorded so far. “Serious flood effects are experienced in the coast region,” Matinyi stated, underscoring the urgency of the crisis.

Neighboring Kenya has also suffered from the adverse effects of the same weather system, with at least 13 people reported dead and around 15,000 displaced, according to the United Nations and reports by The African Exponent.

Weather experts attribute the severity of this year’s seasonal rains to the El Niño phenomenon, which has intensified the rainfall across the region. As both Tanzania and Kenya continue to face these challenging conditions, efforts are underway to provide relief and support to the affected populations.

The situation took a tragic turn last Friday when eight schoolchildren perished after their bus was swept into a flooded gorge in the northern part of Tanzania, illustrating the perilous conditions created by the ongoing heavy rains.

This year’s rainy season, peaking in April, has been marked by the most substantial rainfall in recent years, exacerbating the flooding issues across the country. The heavy rains have not only led to a significant loss of life but also caused considerable displacement.