Former Al-Shabaab leader running for office South west election

The South West State of Somalia. Former Al-Shabaab leader Mukhtar Robow Ali should be in prison or execute former Al-Shabaab funder he committed a lot of crimes Rape Murderer Blackmail, Extortion killing thousands innocent.

Somali people Somali government rewards him as to run office South West election is insulted those families lost loved one. Mukhtar Robow said if he is not successful, he would welcome the candidate for the post and dismiss the outcome of any obstacle.

“If I have not succeeded in the South West administration, leadership, and come to the community of religion and religion, I will stand up and say, ‘No, I’m not okay’,” Mukhtar Robow said.

Also, lecture offered to students at universities and schools in Baidoa, he promised that if he succeeded in the position he would strengthen the knowledge and education in the Southwest.

“If I succeed, I will tell who is the enemy of a gun, who will defend it in South-west. If we agree, then we will get security and justice, “said Mukhtar Robow Ali. Meanwhile, Mukhtar Robow, former Al Shabaab leader, said he would fight against al-Shabaab, calling on the people of South West to support him as the enemy had defended himself. all false hope lies Mukhtar Robow Ali.

Lastly, Mukhtar Robow will compete with the leadership of the South West Administration’s leadership over more than twenty leaders who are said to have joined the Somali government, and the electoral commission is one of the Governor of Southwestern Somalia, Sharif Hassan Sheikh.