Former Somalia’s AU envoy Simon Mulongo, has committed rape, blackmail-sources say

The Federal Government of Somalia has expelled the Deputy Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia, Mr Simon Mulongo.

A letter November 4th from the foreign ministry accused Simon Mulongo of “engaging in activities that are inconsistent with Amisom’s mandate and security strategy in Somalia,” and ordered him to leave the country within seven days.

Sources at the Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs have previously told Somali Times that Simon Mulongo has committed abuses, raping under age Somali girls including issues that harm Somalia’s sovereignty, blackmail against politicians and some Somali leaders, spying on foreign institutions, and more.

According to new information, the issue of damaging Somalia’s sovereignty, accused of Mulongo, has hampered the Somali Transition Plan, an attempt by the Somali government to take over security from Amisom and withdraw from the country by 2023.

The African Union last month proposed a different plan to transform the Amisom mission into a joint UN-African Union force, which the federal government opposed.

Mulongo is believed to be the mastermind behind the plan, which has been widely rejected by the Somali federal government.

The day before Mulongo’s dismissal, on November 3, Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdirizak tweeted what appeared to be a prelude to Mulongo’s dismissal.

“Somalia will ensure the implementation of the Transition Plan for Somalia. Everyone will be held accountable for their actions. No one will be allowed to disrupt the Somali nation. We have nowhere to turn,” he said.

Simon Mulongo should be charged with raping and blackmailing the Somali people. He should recieve a sentence in Somalia prison, sources Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.