Garad Jama Garad Ali responded to SNM leader Muse Bihi

Garad Jama Garad Ali, the leader of the Dhulbahante, said that there are no terrorists in the Sool region and the SNM Hargeisa army is terrorising women and children, said Garad.

Garad Ali, who was responding to SNM leader Muse Bihi, said that the people who are meeting are not terrorists, and he added that Bihi’s speech is fueling the already existing problem.

“We are sorry for that statement and we make it clear that it is not terrorism, the people of the SSC are discussing their own future and the problem is Muse Bihi and his administration who have caused assassinations and killing Las Anod Dhulbahante community,” said Garad Ali.

Garad described the Hargeisa forces as terrorists, and said that there are no terrorists other than the SNM Hargeisa army forces in the region, and said that any problem that occurs in the region will be the responsibility of Muse Bihi Abdi.

”We called on the world not to support the SNM Hargeisa army which is based on clan army, and the previous support given by the world to SNM Hargeisa army has caused harm to the people living in the SSC regions, and there are no terrorists in the Sool region,” said Garad.

The SNM leader Muse Bihi, who spoke yesterday about the situation in the Sool region, said that the killings in Las Anod were carried out by terrorist groups that are fighting the nation, which he fabricated, according to sources told Somali Times.