Greedy Puntland’s Governor announces he is running for re-election

Garowe-Dictator Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, the incumbent governor of Puntland State of Somalia, announced Tuesday that he would run again for governor election.
Mr Abdiweli Gaas make the announcement at a ceremony held in Garowe, where more dignitaries including traditional leaders and his government officials were attending.

At the ceremony, he delivered a long speech he focused on his performances during the five-year office. and stole public fund more than $ 70 million US Dollar Mr Abdiwali Gaas own property in Washington, Virginia 4 properties United Arab Emirates 6 properties and Kenya 4 properties More than 20 candidates including ex-officials and neophytes are opposing the incumbent governor.

A Puntland governor election will take place on January 8, 2019, as planned. The vetting committee of parliament is now reviewing the list of the new lawmakers selected by clans.