‘If China does not respond to US, principle of respecting sovereignty will be dead’

By Anadolu Agency

In an indication of further escalation in the Taiwan Strait, China on Thursday warned it will take steps to respond US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip this week to Taiwan.

“If China does not resolutely resist the manic, irresponsible, and extremely irrational actions of the United States, the principle of respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity in international relations will become a dead letter,” said Wang Yi, China’s state councilor and foreign minister.

He said the Pelosi trip shows the US “tramples on international law, violates bilateral commitments, undermines peace across the Taiwan Strait, supports separatism, and advocates camp confrontation.”

On a four-nation trip to Asia, Pelosi on Tuesday flew to Taiwan – the first trip to the self-ruled island by a sitting US House speaker in 25 years. She ended her controversial trip on Wednesday evening, before flying to South Korea from where she will proceed to Japan to conclude her Asia tour.

Her trip to Taiwan was met with angry responses from China, which launched four days of military exercises surrounding the island.

Beijing considers Taiwan its “breakaway province” and has strongly urged other nations to avoid direct relations with Taipei, which enjoys independent diplomatic ties with at least 14 nations.

“It is a blatant provocation to the Chinese people and the people of peace-loving countries in the region, and a political gamble that will inevitably bring about bad influence,” Wang said, according to a Foreign Ministry statement.

Beijing urges opposition to US actions

The top Chinese diplomat is in Cambodia to attend several bilateral and multilateral meetings as the Southeast Asian nation hosts a summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Accusing Washington of being the “biggest destroyer of peace in the Taiwan Strait and the biggest troublemaker for regional stability,” Wang said it has been “proven” that “the US’ Indo-Pacific strategy is extremely confrontational and harmful.”

Calling out the US’ “hypocrisy and double standards” on international rules, Wang warned if Beijing does not respond, “all kinds of separatists and extremist forces will intensify, and hard-earned peace and stability in the region will be seriously damaged.”

Reiterating that Beijing will not sit idly by while Washington plays the “Taiwan card,” Wang said: “The comprehensive measures taken by China at present and in the future are necessary and timely defensive countermeasures.”

“After careful consideration and careful evaluation, they are aimed at safeguarding national sovereignty and security, comply with international and domestic laws, and serve as a warning to provocateurs and regional stability and peace across Taiwan Strait,” he said.

“All parties should recognize the cause and essence of the current crisis, jointly oppose the US’ adventures and provocations, continue to support China’s legitimate position and measures, and jointly maintain regional and Taiwan Strait peace,” he added.