If Uhuru doesn’t want the DP, he should ask him to resign — Abduba Dida said

DP Ruto William at a past function. [Source/Dr William Samoei Ruto PhD/Twitter]

Former Presidential candidate Abduba Dida has weighed in on the perceived fallout between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto.

In a tweet on Sunday, Dida said that the president has the freedom to ask the second in command to resign if they are not in good terms. He said that it is absurd that the head of state can decide to lock out the DP from his official residence. He also said that it is unfortunate that the president and his team have decided to make the DP appear the most corrupt person in the government. Dida said that it is important for the president to declare his stand instead of staging sideshows.

“If the president doesn’t want the DP, he should ask him to resign. It is not fair to mistreat him to the extent of locking him out of his official residence. Also, let us not paint DP Ruto as the most corrupt, both the president and Hon Raila are not clean either,” he tweeted.

Ruto and Kenyatta are perceived not to be reading from the same script since the handshake. Ruto has openly opposed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) implementation. The DP has termed BBI tours a waste of money and time.

Source: Hivisasa