Journalist Abdiaziz Gurbiye was arrested because of posting on his Facebook page a ventilator at Digfer Hospital in Mogadishu. was taken by President Mohamed Farmajo’s office

Deputy Director of the local Media Present Abdiaziz Ahmed Gurbiye’s in custody in Mogadishu. Local Media Director Hassan Mohamed Mohamud confirmed the arrest of Abdiasis Gurbiye, which violates freedom of expression and media independence.

Journalist Abdiaziz Ahmed Gurbiye is still unknown as to the reasons behind his arrest, but yesterday posted on his Facebook page In the particular post the police are interested in charging Gurbiye, the journalist alleges a ventilator at Digfer Hospital in Mogadishu ‘was taken by President Mohamed Farmajo’s office to be used at a medical facility within Villa Somalia’.

Meanwhile, the Somali National Union of Somali Journalists (FESOJ) strongly condemned the arrest of the federal government security forces in Mogadishu for the report of Abdi Aziz Ahmed Gurbiye,

FESOJ demanded to clarify why the journalist was arrested, his case is not civil and criminal, and is saddened by the situation as the Coronovirus disease continues to spread in Mogadishu.