Kenya: High Court gives Jonathan Moi’s widows time to file papers

Faith Nyambura and Jonathan Moi. Faith and Beatrice Mbuli claim their co-wife Sylvia J. has excluded them as beneficiaries of Jonathan’s estate.

A judge has granted two widows of former president Daniel Moi’s eldest son Jonathan Toroitich Moi more time file papers in a succession case pending before the High Court. Appearing before Justice Aggrey Muchelule on Tuesday, the widows, Beatrice Mbuli and Faith Nyambura, asked the court to grant them at least seven days to file their objections in the case.


Jonathan’s first wife Sylvia was granted temporary order to administer the estate. But the two widows accused Sylvia of concealing material facts and leaving them out as beneficiaries of the estate. Beatrice said in her court papers that she was married to Jonathan in accordance with Akamba customary law on July 17, 1998. They had two children, a boy and a girl, and that Jonathan took care of her two other children.

And when he died on early this year, she said all the three widows met on various occasions in respect of administration of the estate. She said they agreed that she and Faith should jointly apply for letters of administration on behalf of other households.

She claims that Sylvia proceeded alone without informing her co-wives. The letter of administration was published in the Kenya Gazette on September 13, 2019. She said she became aware after the lapse of the 30 days period, in which she was required to raise objection. On her part, Faith also claimed the first wife concealed material facts, especially the fact that Jonathan had another family, which he provided for.

She claimed, alongside her children, they were omitted from the list of beneficiaries, yet her children need school fees.

Faith said her children risk being kicked out of school over Sh631,206 fee balance.


Faith said she was married to Jonathan in December 2008 in a Kikuyu customary wedding and the two have three children. She accuses Sylvia of failing to provide for them and sidelining other widows from participating in the affairs of the estate.

Faith will be asking the court make an order that she be given a monthly provision of Sh1 million for the upkeep, from the estate, pending the determination of the case. She has proposed that Sylvia, Beatrice and herself be made the joint administrators of the estate.

Justice Muchelule adjourned the matter to November 26.

Source: Daily Nation