Kenya presidential elections August 2022 wins William Ruto 6,703,493 Votes

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Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto has edged ahead in a tight presidential race, according to official results reported by the Kenyan media on Sunday, as more riot police were deployed in the national election tallying centre after scuffles and accusations by party agents. According to Reuters reported.

The fracas underscored fraying tempers and high tensions within the national counting hall as the country waits for official results from last Tuesday’s election. There were wry digs online over the melee from citizens pointing out that the rest of the nation is waiting patiently.

President William Ruto taking 51% of the 6,703,493 votes, ahead of left-leaning opposition leader Raila Odinga who had 49.91%, 6,636,849 Votes.

Kenya elections opposition leader Raila Odinga, who had 48%. Confusion over vote tallying in the media and the slow pace of progress by the electoral commission have fed anxiety in Kenya, which is East Africa’s nation but which has a history of violence following disputed elections.