Kenyan Chief of Defence Forces General Robert Kibochi says Kenya is not ready to leave Somalia, is Somalia a colony?

Kenyan Chief of Defence Forces General Robert Kibochi.

According to The Star, Kenya reported colonization of Somalia. ”Troops will not leave Somalia any time soon,” Chief of Defence Forces General Robert Kibochi has said. In an interview with KBC, Kibochi said Somalia is unstable and their security forces still need support from the African Mission to Somalia.

Gen Kibochi, the highest-ranking soldier, said Kenya is actively engaging stakeholders, including the UN, to intervene and stop the Ethiopian civil war.

The general said that the civil war in Ethiopia poses a major security threat to Kenya. The fighting will lead to an influx of refugees and illegal guns, he said.

“Ethiopia is strategic to us and the ongoing conflict there is a concern to us. We have raised the issue with the UN to intervene for stability,” he said. On Amisom, Kibochi said they are pushing for mandate and funding changes to enable the organisation to achieve its goals.

Somalia is stabilizing. Somalia is improving every day. Even The New York Times reported the property of Somalia is going up and is one of the world’s best countries to buy beaches real estate.

The African Union and Amisom cannot be there for the rest of their lives. Somalia is building their National Army. The Somali National Army will take over which has been training in the United Kingdom, US and Turkey as a mandate for a UN agreement which the Somali National Army will take the security and the responsibility of their own country.

Somalia and its resources belong to the Somali people where General Robert Kibochi got the idea that the Kenyan Army will not leave Somalia.