Major security shake-up after emergency cabinet meeting in Villa Somalia.

Mogadishu – The Somalia government has launched a major security shake-up on Monday after an emergency meeting held by cabinet ministers in Villa Somalia. Immediate changes were made to the top brass of Somalia’s security apparatus with new commanders in the intelligence, police and custodial corps.

The government has appointed Osman Sheikh Hussein as the nation’s new spy chief, ‘Hussein previously served as the Deputy Minister of Health. General Bashir Abdi Mohamed has been promoted from the deputy police chief to then Chief of Police. Finally, Gen Bashir Mohamed Jama  returns to his post as the chief of the Custodial Corps. “Bashir Jama  previously served as the Director of Somali National Intelligence Agency in.

Somalia’s security within the security establishment. that the security situation in Somalia will remain difficult. They predict that unless serious reforms are made in the security structure, Somalia.