The Mayor of Mogadishu “The Brussels conference has made great progress in the country.”

The mayor of Banadir region Eng. Abdirahman Omar Osman at the Somalia Partnership Forum said the international community has welcomed and assured the huge progress of the country through its followed by strong support from Somalia. Eng. Osman said that during the 10-year period of politics he was the first time the international community agreed on the current development of governance and finance, security, preparation of elections, review of the constitution and as needed Somalia investment widely available.

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, chaired by the EU-Somalia Partnership Forum, said his government is committed to accelerating the development of public services and delivering single-vote and single-mandate elections to the Somali people. Eng. Osman, speaking at a security conference yesterday, informed the city’s security developments, such as the public’s everyday progress toward sustainable development, and asserting that the resilience of the population is the consequence of progress.

The governor told the Security Forces Security Service in Mogadishu, thanking the security agencies and the people of Somalia for their significant role in ensuring security, as the Banadir regional administration implemented the civic education program for the public, administration and security agencies together.

The governor said the Benadir Regional Administration has prepared the National Development Plan, the IDPs, the local councils, the implementation of the 2020 local elections and the implementation of the security plan in the capital. The development needs to be maintained as a community is involved in sharing and participating in the development of the capital and the country. He said that Amisom had agreed to withdraw its troops from Mogadishu and hoped the regional football tournament will be held at the end of the year. Yarisow also said that it will begin the maintenance of the airport by working with the Ministry of Sports.