Ministry of Constitutional Affairs held consultative meeting with Banadir Regional Administration

Mogadishu  – The joint Parliamentary Constitutional Review Committee  have said they have no confidence in the Minister of Constitutional Affairs, Mr Abdi Jibril Hosh, according to a statement released by the group on Monday evening.
In the statement, the committee accused the minister of intentionally dragging the constitutional review process for his personal benefit.
“He is busy, dragging out the constitutional review process a project for years, he signs deals with international agencies and UN without the comprehension of the parliament,” the statement reads.
The committee also blamed the minister for obstructing the activities of the constitutional review bodies.
“He has been busy interfering with the two bodies to prevent their work by blocking resources they needed for duties, rather than fulfilling his task to facilitate the activities of the two bodies,” the committee noted.
The committees noted that they are dissatisfied with the minister’s unilateral constitutional review process by usurping their powers.

In October last year, the Oversight Committee boycotted a conference planned by the ministry, accusing the ministry of not following the proper procedures.

Following efforts by the government, the and the ministry signed  in November 2017 that outlined their roles.
In Monday’s statement,  also accused the minister of violating that same
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs held a joint meeting on the Constitution Review Process with Banadir Regional Administration on Tuesday.
Minister Abdi Hosh said the ministry is committed to good cooperation with all stakeholders.
“When I took over the office we decided to create a coherent environment for government agencies working together,” said Hosh. “We have held meetings joint meetings with top regional government officials in their respective territories. We have a cooperative agreement with both working groups and we always value that agreement”.
It is not the first time the implementation process of the provisional constitution of Somalia had stalled over disputes between the bodies and the ministry.