The new spy Chief of Somali Intelligence Agency has taken over in the office

Mogadishu, At the ceremony, the Minister Mr Abukar Islow  was accompanied by The new spy chief, Mr Hussein Osman Hussein, who has been in office for the past three months.

“I urge the Somali Intelligence Agency to work differently and we will double our intelligence and work to bring this country to peace and prosperity,” Security is a safe and secure one for the security of Somalia. Every time I spend my time in the Security of the Country, I am praising the role of national security in the security of the Security “.
Internal Security Minister Mohamed Abukar Islow Duale, accompanied by senior commanders, deputy minister of security and national security officials praised the early leadership of the Security Forces, and urged the new leadership to carry out its duties effectively.
“The Minister of Interior, Mr. Dualeh, addressed the NISA assignment saying” Time is a cycle, I urge the politicians to take over responsibility, please do well