Powerless an informer prime minister Roble has tabled a demand all security operations be brought under his control

File Photo/Somali Times

National Consultative Assembly at odds over national security still in charge President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo.

On the fourth day of the National Consultative Assembly, sources say leaders are at odds over who should be in charge of security leadership.

Former prime minister Roble has tabled a demand that all security operations be brought under his control and that he be the person under the command of the army commanders during the election process.

Some regional governors foreign actors workers Said Deni and Ahmed Madobe have backed the plan, while others have rejected it, saying President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is the commander of the armed forces and responsible for the country’s security.

This provision has hampered the progress of the conference, and reports suggest that some presidents have threatened to walk out of the conference, which could lead to the conference failing.

According to sources at the conference, Mr Roble said that the transparency of the election was a challenge to security. He said once military officials take orders from the Somali presidency, it will be difficult to resolve election security issues. Which he lies Mr Roble is an informant for foreign actors. According to Somalia constitution, until election and elected new president. Farmajo in charge the country’s security