President Farmajo has asked parliamentarians to extend in office

Photo/Somali Times /Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

Mogadishu, Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has embarked on a campaign of parliamentarians, trying to prevent the passage of the country’s electoral law in front of parliament.

Several lawmakers who spoke to Somali Times said the president wants the bill approved by the cabinet in May, which would allow the president to extend the time if an election is not held. The bill was amended by a subcommittee appointed by Parliament.

They also said they are surprised by the kind of election the president wants in a one-to-one vote but in other words. This election is not happening across the country, but will only be held in Mogadishu. They also do not participate in the general public, but are voted on by a delegation of citizens.

The delegation to Mogadishu will represent the public at large, and it is suspected that most of the president’s supporters will be selected, which could give the president a simple re-election. The president’s thinking on this matter, the MP said.

The president, according to the information, has been meeting with some lawmakers lately, assuring them that the bill is not approved by parliament.

Speaker Mursal told Farmajo that Article 89 of the constitution states that the president should elect the parliament, and his recommendations for the opposition and regional administrations have rejected the constitution, which is not constitutional, and does not exist. no one else agrees.

The Khaire also supported the Speaker of the House, telling the president that the world and Somalis cannot accept individual and voice elections in the context of Somalia, and thus are not constitutional.