President Farmajo receives the UK Defense Minister at the Presidential Palace

Photo/Somali Times

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo received at the State House the Minister of Defense of the United Kingdom Ben Wallace accompanied by the British Ambassador to Somalia Ben Fender.

President Farmajo shared with the Minister the successful plans of the Federal Government of Somalia in the process of rebuilding the army, security, reconciliation and the fight against Al Shabab terrorists.

The Minister of Defense of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Hussein Haji, who was in attendance, reported on the fruitful discussions between the two sides, and agreed to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the areas of security and the fight against terrorism.

The Somali government is committed to strengthening security in the country and eliminating Al Shabab terrorists, in collaboration with its international partners, including the UK. The two governments agreed to step up the fight against terrorism, improve training and rebuild the Somali National Army.’

For his part, the British Minister of Defense, Ben Wallace, praised the significant progress made by the people and government of Somalia, in particular the rebuilding of the army and the fight against terrorism.