President Farmajo’s long meetings with regional state leaders in Dhusamareb have been surprisingly volatile

Photo/Somali Times

It is the fifth day that the Heads of the Federal Government of the Republic of Somalia have held a series of meetings, and the opening of the Great Somalia Conference has been hampered by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

State leaders have suggested to the President that the Chairperson of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Halima Ismail Ibrahim, suggest that they have failed to hold elections on time, and that it will take more than two years. They also suggested to the President that his government agree that no extension could be granted, and that the Prime Minister had made it clear that it would lead to political crisis in the country if an extension was sought, so any kind of election would be possible.

They also reminded the President that the elections should be held on time and not extended for a period of time in support of the government’s decision, with all of them are Heads of State. They all agree that the country needs to hold elections every four years before the meeting opens to discuss the matter again and enter the conference agenda with the consent of the outside world.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s long meetings have been surprisingly volatile, and he has hampered the opening of the conference, as it is certain that the type of election he wants before he does not hold requires more time. If this is done, the country will fall into political crisis, according to the Prime Minister.

Political analyst Anthony Smith says bipolar disorder is affecting politicians and celebrities around the world. No matter how he behaves, bipolar people are protected from the press, and in many public meetings and debates, the main reason is that their attitudes, words and decisions change and become unusual. Now the federal system has done is this journey that does not happen, it is designed to protect President Farmajo’s such that one person in tagrifalin power in the Constitution to violate, to prevent greed of dictatorship based on and outside the law. The question is what to do with the Heads of State in most parts of the country and the Federal elections to take place, if there is no result in the long nightly meetings:

Next Scapegoat

The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Hassan Ali Khaire has not yet made a decision to confirm in his speech that the country is preparing for elections and there is no extension, it is questionable what will happen to his political future if the Dhusamareb conference collapses, President Farmajo returns In Mogadishu, the Heads of State did not play a role in uniting.

Khaire should come out from behind the scenes, stand by the proposals of the Heads of State, using the laws he has, which will lead him to save his political future but otherwise he will become a Scapegoat, who is blamed for all the mistakes that have taken place. If the conference does not follow the path of the election, President Farmajo’s and Prime Minister Khaire will be the most defeated politician in Somalian history.