President Farmajo’s proposal delayed federal state leaders’ meeting in Dhusamareb

Photo/Somali Times

There has been a delayed in the meeting of the heads of state and government which was expected to open today in the town of Dhusamareb. According to President advisor told Somali Times the findings of continuing to meet individually between the two sides to reach a solution self-understanding, is still between the central government and regional.

There were also meetings last night in Dhusamareb between the President, the prime minister and the five regional Presidents, who this agreed Presidents two years of extension in office, The contentious issue is the type of election to be held, as the government wants, especially the president, a ‘one-person-one-vote’ election.

The critical election law that will allow Somalis to vote directly for parties with parliamentary seats being allocated according to the final tallies. Under this new system members of the parliament will elect the President and the prime minister comes from the majority party in the parliament. Though, more than 40 political parties already registered under this new electorate.