Puntland Governor Abdiwali Gaas started fixing to be reelected Jan 2019

Bosaso-Puntland elections looming and security and economic woes likely to continue. Governor of the Puntland region Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas recently announced that he would seek reelection when voters go to polls on January 8. 2019, Many notes his failures to fulfill his 2014 election promises and reports have of started fixing to be reelected, Elections by sending presidential employees to constituencies and pressuring or blocking elders’ choice of representatives.

Somali Times, investigated Mr, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas his performances during the five-year office. and stole public fund more than $ 70 million US Dollar Mr Abdiwali Gaas own properties in Washington, Virginia 4 properties United Arab Emirates 6 properties and Kenya 4 properties More than 30 candidates, including ex-officials and neophytes are opposing the incumbent governor. and sold Bosaso port to United Arab Emirates sponsor Abdiweli Gaas and his associated hopefully Jan 2019 new governor will terminate Dp world Bosaso port and manage Puntland people, Salary Puntland Civil servant Military Police Official never received, any payment whatsoever since December 2016, the failure of greedy Abdiweli Gaas,

Governor Abdiweli Gaas distributed money to 62 Puntland MPs to be reelected and the money came from United Arab Emirates sponsor’s Abdiweli Gas Agenda is to hand over the Puntland resource to United Arab Emirates Somalia belong to Somali people those corrupt Puntland MPs stop taking Money from Mr, Abdiweli Gaas bribes,
Puntland need good leader with good record not a leader who is looking his own interest like greedy Mr Abdiweli Gaas