Qatar Charity inks pact with Somalia’s health ministry

Qatar Charity (QC) recently signed a co-operation and partnership agreement with the Ministry of Health and Social Care, Somalia. QC said in a statement that the pact, inked at the ministry’s headquarters in Mogadishu, came as part of its keenness to co-ordinate and co-operate with all its government partners and support the efforts of the ministry for a gradual transition towards sustainable development in the health sector.

The agreement aims to organise co-operation with the health ministry to ensure QC’s active participation in health projects in accordance with the sectoral strategy and the priorities of the ministry. The agreement was signed by Dr Fawziya Abikar, Minister of Health and Social Care, and Abdul Nour Haj Ali, director of the QC office in Somalia, in the presence of Deputy Minister of Health and several members of the ministry.

Areas of co-operation between the ministry and QC include the construction and rehabilitation of health centres and hospitals, the provision of necessary medical equipment and ambulances and the distribution of medicines to centres and hospitals, in addition to training medical personnel in Somalia and launching health relief campaigns for those affected by crises and humanitarian disasters.

The agreement comes at a time when the Somali government has begun to move gradually from humanitarian response towards the development and stability in Somalia through the implementation of sustainable development projects aimed at providing health services to all citizens.
Qatar Charity implemented many health projects in Somalia last year as part of its developmental intervention in the field of health, based on the integration of the curative and preventive aspects, the statement noted.

QC’s health interventions are centred in countries that lack primary healthcare services and suffer from the spread of infectious and endemic diseases and high mortality rates, especially among children and mothers, as it seeks to improve health services in these countries by implementing relevant projects.

Qatar Charity implements various health and medical projects in Somalia, such as building clinics, organising medical caravans for disaster relief and providing first aid, giving priority to the neediest areas and people, the statement adds. It implements these health projects in co-ordination with Somali’s health ministry and Mogadishu University.

Source:  Gulf  Times