Russia against new world built only in US interests: President Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin/Reuters

By Anadolu Agency

Russia is standing against a new world order shaped only in the interests of the US, according to President Vladimir Putin.

“What are we against? Against the fact that the new world that is taking shape is built only in the interests of one country, in this case the US,” Putin said in an interview with Rossiya-1 broadcast on Sunday.

“They want to do just that, I assure you, everyone understands this,” he added.

Putin said some countries are extremely dependent on Washington both economically and militarily, adding that they believe fighting Russia is in line with US interests.

“Even the satellites (US allies) are included in this joint fight, but nevertheless, they are perfectly aware that everything that the US does is in line with their selfish interests only. Often it does not even correspond to the interests of their so-called allies,” he said.

Putin said he has no doubts that Russia’s stance for a multipolar world will prevail in the end.

On the Ukraine conflict, he said NATO and the West are involved in the war because they supply weapons to Kyiv.

He said Moscow needs to take into account the nuclear arsenal of the entire West.

“Amid today’s conditions, as all leading NATO countries have announced our strategic defeat as their key goal … how can we not consider their nuclear potential?” he asserted.

Putin said the West will only include Russia in its “so-called family of civilized peoples” after breaking the country into separate parts.

“What for? For ordering those parts around and putting them under their control,” he added.​​​​​​​